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L2 Supplies and Services is a Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) approved Livescan vendor. As such we are happy to assist individuals or companies in becoming Livescan Providers/Submitters in this rapidly growing business sector.

L2 Supplies and Services partners with Fulcrum Biometrics a leader in biometrics solutions across the United States and internationally tailored to meet a myriad of requirements and demands.

Our Livescan solution is certified by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).  Which simplifies and expedites your journey to becoming a Livescan submitter/Provider. 

L2 Supplies and Services will tailor your software and equipment to meet your business needs. The basic system to digitally submit to FDLE consists of a laptop (preloaded with Livescan software), Digital scanner and a webcam to facilitate photographs. This is a turnkey solution!


Being a Fulcrum partner you have technical and professional support readily available, including L2 Supplies and Services  to solve problems and provide advice on anomalies.

For Commercial entities who would like an internal capability we can assist in establishing that in-house capability providing a different level of responsiveness while providing cost savings to the organization.

What services can you provide?

  • Level 2 background checks in Florida at your location or mobile locations
  • Hard Copy FBI FD258 fingerprint cards
  • FBI channeling for FBI based background checks
  • Passport photos


Civil Applicant Payment System (CAPS)                                    File:Seal of the FBI.svg - Wikipedia


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